Real Estate & Title Insurance

The law firm of John H. Simmons PLLC is available to represent and advise buyers and sellers throughout the real estate purchase and closing process.  Please call us at (561) 288-1300  to discuss your proposed transaction or issue before you sign any documents.  We want to work with you to achieve your goals while fully protecting your rights.  Here is a sample of legal services we offer in connection with real property and title insurance matters.

Contracts:  We prepare real estate contracts for buyers or sellers typically standardized forms customarily utilized in most areas of Florida.  We also review and advise on contracts drafted by others (preferably before signature).

Escrow Agent:  Our law firm maintains trust accounts that are highly regulated by The Florida Bar for the protection of the public.  We frequently hold contract deposits as Escrow Agent.

Title/Closing Issues:  Our law firm charges title fees comparable to those charged by many title companies.  The difference is they are prohibited from providing legal advice or explanations. Here are sample topics where we can guide and assist you:

  • FIRPTA & other foreign national issues
  • Homestead (Florida Constitution) – Protection from judgment creditors, etc.
  • Homestead (Florida Statutes) – Tax Exemptions & Save Our Homes
  • Deed consideration (documentary stamps) – family transfers, etc.
  • Manner of holding title (such as tenants by the entireties, joint tenants with the right of survivorship, tenants in common, and advanced life estate (“Lady Bird”) deeds.

Title Insurance:  Mr. Simmons is a Member of The Fund (since 1983) and John H. Simmons PLLC is a title insurance agent of Old Republic National Title Insurance Company.  Our firm issues both owner’s (buyer’s) title insurance as well as mortgagee (lender’s) title insurance.

Title Search & Examination:  We subscribe to Florida’s most robust computerized title search system.  The ability to perform the title search and examination process in-house enhances our ability to close quickly.




Closing Agent:  Our firm prepares closing statements, deeds, bills of sale, affidavits and other documents necessary for closing and transfer of title. We receive and disburse the documents and funds.

Mortgage Closings:  Whether you are financing a purchase or refinancing your current property, we can assist you.  We can issue the title insurance required by the lender and serve as the closing agent – typically at a cost savings.

Non-Closing Matters:  If you are uncertain as to the status of the title to your property, we can perform a title search and title examination, prepare title clearing documents, prepare deeds to or from a trust, between family members, etc.  Title to assets and estate planning go hand-in-hand and we can assist you for either perspective.

eRecording Agent:  Our firm subscribes to the largest eRecording service in Florida, providing expedited recording access in most Florida Counties.  We submit deeds, mortgages and other instruments for eRecording on the same day as closing.  We are also able to record non-closing related instruments such as title clearing quit-claim deeds, trust certificates and other documents.

Call the law firm of John H. Simmons PLLC today at (561) 288-1300 for a no-charge initial consultation.