Special Warning on Wire Fraud

Buyer beware! Wire fraud scammers are notorious for sending imposter emails to real estate buyers. These transmissions appear indistinguishable for those sent by legitimate law firms. Don’t be fooled! These emails frequently provide revised wire instructions for the fraudster’s bank account. Much too frequently, Buyers unwittingly wire funds to thieves instead of the true closing agent.

Verify Email Authenticity by Phone

Be skeptical. Cyber fraud using imposter tactics is rampant. Never rely on important information received by email without first verifying its authenticity by phone. Do not rely on a phone number included in an email. If it purports to come from our law firm, please call us at 561-288-1300 to confirm.

Our strong preference is to provide wire instructions using our secure portal. This is a free service provided by our law firm to our clients, other parties and participants on transactions. Please call us to create a registered account for you at no charge.

ALTA Registry

Scammers aggressively target law firms, escrow agents and title companies because we receive, hold and disburse significant sums of money and utilize the parties’ private information during the title closing process. How can you confirm that John H. Simmons PLLC is an active title agent for Old Republic National Title Insurance Company and we are truly located in Boca Raton, FL? The American Land Title Association (ALTA) maintains a robust repository of current contact details for real estate attorneys and title companies active in the title/settlement/closing industry. Please visit The National Registry of Title and Settlement Companies. The ALTA ID is 1186471 for John H. Simmons PLLC and the ALTA Registry Contact ID is 1186472 for the law firm’s office located in Boca Raton, Florida.

Our Law Firm Portal

Data security and consumer privacy are among our law firm’s top priorities. The DNA of any good attorney is the ethical duty to safeguard our clients’ confidential information. John H. Simmons PLLC makes your personal, sensitive information available to you in a private, secure portal. Please contact our firm to register for a no-charge account and receive login credentials. The setup process is extremely quick and easy so you can have access in a few minutes! For security purposes, the registration process utilizes two-factor authentication. Our private and secure portal is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Client Access

Once registered, clients have immediate access to the following functionality:

  • View and download documents related to your matter
  • Download wire instructions
  • Upload documentation to share with our law firm
  • View and print invoices

Third Party Access

Access can also be provided to third parties with a role on a transaction, including northern counsel (co-counsel) on probate matters, opposing counsel, buyers, sellers, loan officers, Realtors®, accountants, financial planners, etc. The documents these parties may access depends on their role in the matter. They may also share documents with us using the upload function.

For those already registered and 
 assigned login credentials.